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 Port Aransas "thewave it is" Padrenorth2009 FYI

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Port Aransas "thewave it is" Padrenorth2009 FYI Empty
PostSubject: Port Aransas "thewave it is" Padrenorth2009 FYI   Port Aransas "thewave it is" Padrenorth2009 FYI EmptyFri Feb 19, 2010 8:01 pm

I thought Id post to let you know , the project is ongoing, and will be finished and packaged by March 2010, I willl have a small clip on my webpage and on youtube,maybee. the webpage is http://christopherhyer.com . SO far very good, and for me to say this is ncredible, im very sceptical on my photos and videos. Anyway, I plan a promotion, soon in a week, and I do know that most have a sponsor, and they make films, and Jel Productions, out of Houston, does great work. This is not just a surf Short film, its different. Hell Im Different, Independent movie producer,Editor,No sleep sun of a gun.
If your looking ofr some pics online, of yourselves, I can help, go to Flickr search filmpro45, google filmpro45 , and instead of search go to videos or Images, they are mine. Also search yourselves out. padrenorth, padrenorth2009, you will find lots of photos.
In Reality , Im doing this project for you, and me. Let me know, if you even know who the hell I am? Its cool if you dont know me. I did this Film because Ive never had so much fun at shooting surfers, and filming, its a freaking game, as to whom or what will get up and for how long, Its a challenge. I miss it. Christopher Hyer
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Port Aransas "thewave it is" Padrenorth2009 FYI
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