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PostSubject: Surfboard   Surfboard EmptyMon Mar 24, 2008 7:33 am

Looking for a epoxy funboard 6'10" or so...something to catch some slop when it's not happening. I only get to the CC area every 6 weeks or so, and want to make the best of it when the shortie won't do.
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PostSubject: epoxy   Surfboard EmptyMon Mar 24, 2008 9:04 am

7'2" egg (funshape) $365.00
7'6" egg (funshape) $380.00
7'8" fishtail swallow(funshape) $399.00
all the above boards are new...and epoxy...we have shopped around..and as a couple months ago, when i checked...we have the lowest prices in the entire coastal bend area on entry level price point epoxy boards.

also we have the brand> 9fish...with sizes to suit your needs...the boards are thick and wide and will catch waves...most of the 9fish boards are $495.00.....6'10", 6'4", 7'4"...these are all in size, close to what you want..but will catch waves like crazy...and use half the wax! cheers
please check the home page of our website..then click on the "shop" tab" and you will see the 9fish boards....also on thier website ninefishsurfboards.com

let me know if you need a pic sent to you..or any other questions you may have..

again we have the lowest new board prices for comparable product in terms of make/ and quality...

hope this helps
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